Lakme 9 To 5 Naturale Gel Kajal Reviews

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1 year ago

Not good


Eye makeup is so very essential and can make or break one's story. I do not move out of the house till my eye makeup is done. Since I wear contact lenses, I ensure to use the best brand eye makeup to avoid any irritation to my eyes. Recently I bumped into a neighbor whose eyes were looking brilliant. I probed her about which liner she was wearing and she said it was the Lakme 9-5 naturale gel kajal. I immediately went and brought the kajal. The packaging is attractive and it comes in a green and rose gold packaging. The kajal sits in a plastic pot and a brush is provided too. I applied the eyeliner with the help of the brush but I was not very comfortable with the brush as it is short. I did not find the brush effectively pick up the gel kajal from the pot. I could apply the kajal well and it took 2 swipes to get the right look. The longevity is poor ans the liner started fading in 3 hours. It smudged and looked messy.

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