Lakme Absolute Youth Infinity Skin Sculpting Serum Reviews

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1 year ago

Treat for skin


I love the new redefined Lakme ranges of skin care products. Recently when I was shopping I came across the Lakme youth infinity skin firming serum. The saleswoman mentioned that it contains Boosters Tm and Insta Collagen which help attaining and brighter and firmer skin. I wanted to actually buy a serum which would help me with the reduction of fine lines and make my skin firmer. I purchased the serum as I surely wanted to see the results. It comes elegantly packaged in a lavender colour bottle with a stylish silver cap. The bottle is cased within a black cardboard box. I washed my face at night with a mild cleanser and then took a few drop of this serum on the palm of my hand. The bottle has a pump mechanism which dispenses a small amount without wasting the product. The serum has a medium consistency and is light weight. It is white in colour but turns pink later. It made my skin look very radiant, softer, hydrated and firmer within a month.

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