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1 year ago



I have an extremely sensitive skin which is very difficult to manage during summers and I end up with a lot of breakouts on the skin. I had a lot of eruptions on my back , neck and shoulders and it would itch me alot. My friend told me about the Neutrogena Body Clear body wash which is known to treat the body acne as it contains Salicylic acid. I ordered the product and it comes packaged in a transparent bottle with a white colour flip open cap. The fragrance of the body wash is extremely enchanting and I couldn't wait to use it. I took a decent amount of the body wash on my loofah and gently massaged the wash all over my body till it lathered . I washed off the body wash with water and I found my body feeling very refreshed and clean. The body wash lathered well and did not leave behind any pore clogging residue. With regular usage I saw a reduction in all the acne on my body and my skin felt more softer and smoother than before.

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