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Avon Care Silicone Glove Protective Hand Cream is a moisturizer for hands. The product is lightweight and gently glides on the skin when applied. It seeps into the skin and moisturizes the skin intensely. The creamy formula protects the skin from dryness by locking the moisture within the skin layers and prevents dehydration. This makes the skin hydrated and supple for long hours. The gentle formula suits even the sensitive skin and soothes irritations. It fights against the external skin aggressors and calms the itching or irritating feel. The product works best in winters when the skin is dry. It treats and heals the cracks or dry patches on the skin. Fortified with nourishing property, the cream reduces dryness and replenishes the skin with moisture. It also subsides the redness and sensitivity. It is dermatologist tested and is sulphate free. The product comes in a plastic tube packaging, which is travel-friendly and easy to use.

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I have never paid more heed to the texture if my hands. During winters however my hands feel extremely dry to the point that I can even see some skin peeling off. My fingertips felt extremely dry and I wanted to purchase some good cream. My friend who is an Avon representative suggested me to try the Avon care silicone glove protective hand cream. Since it was on a discount, I decided to take the plunge and buy it. The cream comes packaged in a simple packaging which was not very fancy. I removed some of the cream on the palm of my hand and gently massaged the cream all over my hands, palm , finger tips and the reverse side of the hand. I loved the texture of the cream as it is extremely light weight and non greasy. It gets easily absorbed into the skin and does not feel heavy on the skin. The cream has a mild pleasant fragrance which I enjoyed. The best part of the cream that it is water proof for a few hours which enables the formula to work effectively on the skin. Inspite of me having washed my hands alot of times it did not get washed off. My hands felt more soft and hydrated.

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