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1 year ago



My friend had a very lean body and decided to to increase the muscles and involved into bodybuilder building. He decided to buy the Muscletech premium mass gainer. He read about the product as to how it is rich in quality proteins and vitamins and decided to try it. Although he found the price steep he purchased it. The product comes in chocolate flavor which he liked hence he opted for it. He was advised to take this supplement twice a day. He took one scoop of the powder with milk after a meal and one pre workout. He loved the taste of the supplement . He consumed this for almost 1 months and saw a considerable change in his physique. He was happy with the results and decided to continue using this for another month. He received alot of compliments on his physique. The supplement also aided him to recover quickly from any injuries during the workout. He would surely recommend this product and would continue using this too. The product delivered results more than his expectations.

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