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1 year ago




Works good on skin.

My friend is a big fan of Patanjali products and has almost used all the products for skin care , hair care and other health products. She shared her experience of using the Patanjali Wheatgrass powder. She mentioned that the wheatgrass powder has a lot of health benefits and it is in fighting digestive issues and is a good source of vitamin A and Vitamin C. The Powder also helps in reducing weight, is good for the heart and reduces the blood sugar levels. She uses the Patanjali wheatgrass powder by taking 2 teaspoons of the powder and adding it her food intake. She adds it to any of the dals or vegetables or mixes it with her salad as well. She mentioned that the Powder is Gluten free and has no artificial colours and comprises of hundred percent natural wheatgrass powder. With regular consumption of the Powder she saw a great improvement in her digestive system. She managed to lose a good amount of weight and her body started feeling more energetic and lighter than before. She also saw a good improvement in the metabolism rate and the powder improved her immune system. She would surely continue using this product and recommend it to all.

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