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1 year ago




My sister was looking out for an effective yet natural hair colour as she wanted to conceal the grays on her head. She was suggested to use the VIP hair colour shampoo which is a three in one product as it shampoos, colours and conditions the hair. She immediately decided to buy the product and ordered it online. It is packaged in card board box which has 2 cleansers in it. She took a small amount of both the cleansers and mixed them together in a small bowl. She applied the mixture on her wet hair and gently massages the cleanser all through her hair. She let it sit on her hair for 15 minutes and then she washed her hair off with water. She loved the fragrance of the shampoo as it was very enchanting and lingered on her hair for a long period of time. She found the shampoo effectively cleansing her hair off all the impurities and dirt. The shampoo also conditioned her hair effectively and left it feeling softer and more healthier. It concealed her grays considerably but not entirely. She found the shampoo application a very hassle free process and hence would not continue using it .

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