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1 year ago

Not great


Instant effect.

Looks natural.


My cousin suffered from partial baldness and was becoming very anxious about the problem. He consulted alot of doctors and tried alot of hair treatments but nothing worked out for him. He finally brought the Toppik hair building fibers. Hair building fibers are protein fibers known as keratin and helps in natural growth of hair. The product is available in different shades to match each hair colour and hence.makes it look natural. He purchased the shade closest to his hair colour. It comes packaged in a small bottle with a twist around cap. He sprinkled a small amount of the fibers on his hair on the bald patches. The fibers immediately settled on his hair making it look very natural. They effectively covered all the bald patches on the hair. The fibers had a very strong chemical like fragrance which was displeasing. He was very disappointed that in natural sunlight the fibers were very prominent and looked ugly and even on sweating they showed up prominently. He also experienced great hairfall after using the product. The hair fibers looked ugly after a day or two and washing them off was not very easy. He would surely not recommend this product.

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