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1 year ago

Lovely Fragrance


I love wearing good fragrances and I ensure to wear fragrances which are long lasting and from reputed brands. During summers it becomes very challenging for me to smell good at all points of time as I perspire alot. My friend gifted me the Gucci Flora EDP which comes beautifully packaged in a hexagon bottle what is transparent and has a cute little black bow on the top. The fragrance has notes of sandalwood, rose and peony with slight hints of pepper and citrus fruits. I apply this fragrance after taking a bath from a short distance on my clothes. I avoid applying perfumes directly on my skin with the fear of them reacting harshly. I applied it on my pulse points and I found the fragrance to be very mature. The fragrance is floral fruity in nature and is pretty strong and can be worn during any part of the day. The lasting power of the fragrance is brilliant and it lasted me almost all day long. The fragrance is very feminine and sensual and at the same time it reflects the bold character of a woman. I have been using this fragrance for more than 6 months now and I would surely continue buying this often.

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