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1 year ago

Not Good


I prefer to keep a back up wax handy in case I cannot make it to the parlour for a waxing session. This time around I accidentally purchased the Sleek Cold wax instead of the Hot wax. This comes packaged in a large tin. It does not need to be heated and has to be applied in the regular state to wax. I applied the wax with the help of a butter knife all over my hands and then placed the wax strip on the applied wax and pulled off the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth. I found the wax very sticky and hence I was unable to pull off the hair in one go. Multiple attempts of removing hair became painful and tiring. I was thoroughly disappointed with the performance of the product. The wax does not melt easily and hence makes the skin messy and sticky. It was cumbersome for me to wash off the wax from my skin and hence I would never be using it again.

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