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1 year ago



My brother was experiencing a lot of hair fall and he had severe dandruff which was big concern for him. He decided to buy the Arnica plus hair vitalizer. This comes packaged in a white colour bottle with green colour flip open cap and the bottle is further encased in a cardboard box. The texture of the vitalizer is extremely light and is similar to any water based solution. He took a small amount of the vitalizer on the palm of his hand and gently massaged it all over his hair and scalp and left it on for around 1 hour. Then he gently washed his hair with a mild shampoo. The vitalizer did not feel greasy or sticky on his hair and gave a soothing effect on the scalp. With regular usage of this product, he saw a great reduction in his dandruff and his hair growth also improved. The vitalizer is also effective income preventing his hair from graying. He would surely recommend this product.

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