Pure Herbal Papaya 4 In 1 Skin Whitening Fruity Soap Reviews

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1 year ago

Nice one


My sister was gifted the Pure Herbal Papaya four in 1 skin whitening fruity soap and after using it shared her review with me. The soap comes packaged in an external cardboard box with the actual soap wrapped in a plastic cover within. My sister loved the fragrance of the soap as it was nice and fruity and she was excited to use it. She rubbed the soap on her whole body and it lathered well and then she washed off her body with water. The soap effectively cleansed her body of all dirt and impurities. With the gradual use of the soap my sister felt a great difference in her skin tone which had become more brighter. The soap also enabled a gentle exfoliation on the skin and helped in removing any dead skin on the body. She also saw a great reduction in the acne and pimple outburst and her skin became more clearer and flawless. She would surely recommend the soap.

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