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1 year ago



My friend shared her experience of using the Cipla Saslic DS Salicylic acid foaming face wash. The product comes packaged in a transparent cylindrical bottle with a white colour pump attached to it and the pump is covered by a transparent lid. The bottle is further encased in a cardboard box and is travel friendly and lightweight. She liked the texture of the face wash as it was liquid like but she did not like the fragrance of the wash as it smelt like some medicine. She took a small amount of the face wash and gently massaged it all over the face. The face wash did not lather much but it cleansed the face very effectively and cleared it off all the dirt and impurities. The Face wash made her face look extremely clean and controlled the oil secretion on the face. With regular usage she saw a great reduction in her acne outbreak and her face had a subtle glow. She would surely recommend this product.

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