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1 year ago

Good serum


I had developed alot of dark circles and fine lines below my eyes due to excessive work on the computer and lack of sleep. I decided to try the Forest Essential under eye serum as this contains red banana flower which is effective on working on dark circles. The product is chemical free and has organic ingredients and hence I was sure it would work well for me. I found the price of the product very steep but I still wanted to see the benefits for myself. The product comes packaged in a glass bottle with a nozzle at the top. I took a few drops of the eye serum on the palm of my hand with the help of the nozzle and then gently massaged it under the eyes. The serum immediately got absorbed into the skin and did not feel greasy or heavy. With regular usage I saw a great reduction in the fine lines and dark circles under the eye. I would surely recommend this product as it justifies its cost.

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