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1 year ago



I recently saw a commercial advertisements on the White tone face powder and decided to try it for myself. The face powder comes in a pink and white plastic container which has a flip open cap mechanism. The packaging is very attractive and leakage proof and hence it makes it travel friendly. I took a small amount of the powder and applied it on my face. The powder is white in colour and has a smooth texture. The powder has a floral fragrance which is nice and refreshing. On the flip side I did not like the colour of the Powder as it left a weird colour on my skin which made me look like a clown. The lasting power of the product is average and it could not control the oil on my face for more than 2 hours. I decided to discontinue using this on my face and used it only as a talcum powder on my body. The quantity provided is great and the powder lasted me a good number of months. I may not use this product again.

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