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1 year ago



I have always been an ardent fan of Himalaya products and this time I purchased the Himalaya Herbals cold balm which comes packaged in glass jar with a green cap on it. It is further encased in a cardboard box and is lightweight. I generally avoid taking medicines when I'm suffering from cold or congestion and I like trying Natural remedies to eradicate the cold. I purchased this balm as it contains all natural ingredients like mint, camphor oil, nutmeg oil which effectively help in clearing the respiratory track and giving comfort from a blocked nose. The balm when applied on the body gives a very cooling and soothing effect. I use this balm frequently during a cold and apply it over my nose and neck area. It immediately gives me a lot of relief and clears the blocked nose. It is also helpful during any pains, it can be applied easily on the affected area for relief from any type of pain. I would surely recommend this product.

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