Himalaya Herbals Complete Care Mouthwash Reviews

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1 year ago



I love using products which are natural and comprise of herbal ingredients as they become more user friendly and mild to use. I was looking out for a mouthwash when my friend suggested me to try the Himalaya herbals complete care mouthwash. I immediately purchased it from a local chemist. The product comes packaged in a transparent plastic bottle which has a green colour cap and is lightweight and travel friendly. It contains rich ingredients of pomegranate, miswak and neem which give me the comfort that this product will be extremely mild for me. I took a small amount of the mouth wash and gargled it in the mouth and then spat out the mouth wash and rinsed my mouth with water. The mouthwash definitely removed the entire bacteria from my mouth and gave me a fresh feeling in the mouth. It protected plaque from building up. Since it is a non alcoholic mouthwash it does not cause any burning sensation in the mouth.

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