Jovees Amla and Bael Revitalising Hair Tonic Reviews

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1 year ago

Average tonic


I like experimenting with different products to ensure to get the best for my hair. This time I decided to try the Jovees Amla and bael revitalising hair tonic and was happy with my experience using it. The product comes packaged in a tall transparent bottle and has a golden cap on it. The Hair tonic is reddish in colour and has a water like consistency, I took a small amount of the tonic and gently massaged it all through my hair and it felt extremely lightweight and non greasy which was impressive. I left it overnight on my hair and then washed my hair off the next day. I sometimes even skipped washing my hair since the tonic is non greasy it was not imperative for me to wash it after use. The tonic gave a nice shine and bounce to my hair and my hair felt extremely soft and hydrated. The tonic did not help me with my hair fall or dandruff problem and hence this was an average product for me.

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