Citra Spotless Fair Face Cream With Japanese Green Tea Reviews

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1 year ago

Not great


I had read alot about the benefits of Japanese green tea and was thrilled to come across Citra Spotless fair face cream with Japanese green tea. The ingredients gave me the confidence that this cream would help me to get rid of the blemishes, marks and dark spots on my face and also brighten my skin. The packaging of the cream is lightweight and travel friendly and it gets easily absorbed into the skin without feeling very heavy. The cream has nice a fragrance of green tea which was not very overpowering. I used this cream on a daily basis after using a sunblock and it easily blended on my face. With regular usage, I saw the cream adding a subtle glow to my face but it did not effectively help in reducing the dark spots, acne marks and dark circles on my face. This was not a very great product for me.

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