NYX Professional Makeup Highlight & Contour Pro Palette Reviews

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2 years ago

PERFECT – a must have product


1. Customizable

2. Distinctive shades

3. Smooth texture

4. Easy to use

5. Refillable

6. Fair pricing

NYX is a professional make up brand and its products are loved worldwide. I personally too like its products and have been using them constantly. To add to my vanity, I started using highlight and contour very recently. I have a round face and hence defining certain areas definitely makes my overall look to change for better. Hence, when I came across NYX and Contour Pro Pallete I was nervous. Since I am a beginner, ideally I should not have bought such an elaborate kit, but I got the kit at a great price and hence could not resist buying it. I used the product now a couple of times and I can say that the product is very good. All the 8 shades in the kit are very distinctive and aptly pigmented. The highlighting shades, in particular, are my favorite as they help me enhance my key features with that beautiful illumination which is almost impossible to ignore. To add further are the contouring shades, they are intense and do their work well. Though I am not a pro, yet the kit has made me comfortable instantly as it gave me the freedom to choose the shades both in contour and highlighting as per my understanding. The texture of the product is smooth too and it does not look too powdery. The stay of the product is great too. The best part of the entire kit is that it is refillable & customizable. That means running out on any single pan does not mean that I have to buy the complete pan. In one word, the product is “PERFECT”. It is a must-add to every vanity, be a beginner or a pro, it is an instant hit. The pricing is best for the quality it offers so its a must-have.

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