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2 years ago

Recommended for Dry & Dull Hair


1. Makes hair soft & smooth

2. Paraben-Free

3. Has good ingredients

A shampoo is a necessity these days and for people like me who have oily scalp leading to tons of hair issues, this becomes even more of a quest to get a good shampoo. So as someone suggested me to try Matrix Biolage HydraSource shampoo, I was all out to try it. I purchased my online and got a 1000 ml bottle at a pretty decent price. This shampoo basically is good helps in optimizing moisture balance for healthy hair. I agree I do not have much frizz but I do have dull hair so trying this shampoo was for solely to treat dull hair. So after trying this, I can say that it does make soft, smooth and to some levels deal with dryness too. This perhaps is because of the ingredients like aloe, Capua cu butter & apricot kernel oil. For me, this shampoo worked fine and was not something that I was looking for but then I am sure that it is an ideal choice for people with dry and dull hair. As to some extent it has worked on my hair. The best part for me is that the product is paraben-free and that is a big relief. Rest the shampoo is average use for people with an oily scalp.

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