Blue Heaven Line And Design Sketch Eyeliner Reviews

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2 years ago

Good Product To Try


1. Easy to use

2. Water-proof

3. Smudge-proof

4. Long-wear

5. Affordable

I am not a big fan of pen eyeliners which basically as liquid. Though they are easy to use in comparison to classic liquid eyeliners. So I recently bought Blue Heaven’s Sketch Eye Eyeliner in black. This eyeliner is decent with respect to its performance and has nothing exceptional to add to the eyeliners which are already there in the market. Though I agree that the liner is highly affordable and has some good aspects to it. Like, the liner is well pigmented. Its application is easy as the liner is in pen format and thus is easy to carry too. Also, it is water-proof and thus does not smudge. So it is long-lasting. But then the quantity of the product is less as just after 10 or so applications the liner did not work. Also, it is a product which is not available in every cosmetic shop, even the same is online too. All in all, the product is good but not exceptional. So I would recommend this product for its affordability and long-wear.

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