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2 years ago

Surprisingly Effective


1. Smooth texture

2. Gives a good look

3. Semi-matte finish

4. Controls shine

5. Easy to use

6. Inexpensive

7. Long-wear

I have never tried fairness creams ever. But then BB & CC creams are of course in my vanity. So a friend of mine told me to try Fair & Lovely BB Cream as she felt that it is good and is inexpensive. So thought to give it a try though since the beginning I was skeptical to try it. I bought an 18.5 gm small pack as I just wanted to try the cream and was not intending to completely switch to it. So, as I applied it, I felt that the cream is smooth in texture and is easy to apply. It is highly blendable and has fair coverage too. It also is very light-weight so post application it did not feel as heavy as it feels after applying a foundation. This is a particular point here as this BB cream does have the foundation in it. The product basically has been formulated to give makeup like finish to face. So the cream does not look like makeup done but it certainly works as a fair coverage foundation. I kept the cream on for about 4-5 hours and felt no need for re-application as it was to an extent successful to keep itself in place by controlling shine which was a surprise for me. My skin is too oily and keeping it shine free is not an easy task. So I actually liked a semi-matte look that the cream gave me. The good part of the cream is that it has SPF 15 PA++ which does make it worthy to be applied under the sun as well. So to conclude, I can say that the product has surprised me and I actually liked it more than I thought. I have started using it on & off and till now have no complaints as such except the fact that I would have loved to see some more shades to this cream as the foundation base at times make the cream not so suitable for all the skin tones.

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