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NYX Professional Makeup Eyebrow Gel is an eyebrow enhancing gel. This lightweight, waterproof formula keeps your eyebrows in place, without smudging or spreading. The gel also makes your brows appear thicker and fuller throughout the day without wearing off. It is available in five shades.

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Gel formula


Great pigmentation

Versatile shade range

Convenient packaging

Easy to use



Eyebrow gel is the most celebrated product of the current century. People use it diligently on a day to day basis. So several makeup brands have launched gel eyebrow enhancers in various forms. In this diverse range, NYX has launched its waterproof eyebrow gel. The product comes in five shades and they almost suit all the hair tones for Indians too. This product is an eyebrow enhancer which makes the eyebrows look full and thick. It is a lightweight formula that keeps eyebrows in place without smudging or spreading. The stay of the product is good and it is longlasting. The only concern with the product is its application. For a person like me who has not used any eyebrow enhancer in the past, its application gets trick. Rest the product is good as is in affordable range in comparison to Benefit Cosmetic’s Ka Brow Gel. A must-try for at least once.

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