NYX Professional Makeup Matte Lipstick Reviews

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2 years ago

perfect look


45 shades

Highly pigmented

Creamy texture

Super smooth formula


I have been going after for quite a while to discover matte lipsticks that are hydrating. It's matte yet not in any manner drying on the lips. It's rich and simple to apply and reapply. This is a fantastic matte slug lipstick. I have some shades. As others have referenced it is a non-drying matte recipe that doesn't pull and draw at your lips. The correct parity of dampness and matte. Inclusion is even and misty. Enduring force is truly great. It's no fluid lipstick and it won't endure an oily feast, yet for a shot lipstick, it's great. love the manner in which the lipstick fits properly when you wind it down into the cylinder. There is no danger of the item curving itself up and getting smooshed when you've taken care of it. This is an incredible plan to highlight that ought to be standard. They are awesome and lovely.

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