NYX Professional Makeup Epic Ink Lip Dye Reviews

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2 years ago

Worth it..




Easy to use

Highly pigmented

Matte finish


Sheer to medium coverage

When I heard NYX had lip stains, I couldn't abstain from getting two or three tints that I don't successfully guarantee in another brand. I grabbed Victorian, Obsessed, Heartbreaker, Fresh, and Slay. Victorian is the principal that I endeavored and is the one that I'm wearing right now . This is watery and VERY pigmented. I got a dab outside of my lipline, yet that is a screw up in my application and not feathering from the thing. This dried in about a minute and it hasn't moved since. I've put vaseline on top to give a little attempt to satisfy lips, and I've been drinking out of a straw for the duration of the day and there's no trade on the straw. I've eaten twice and it hasn't moved. Think of me as astonished! I can barely wait to endeavor various shades Beautiful item. It has a surface reminiscent of watercolor paint, and takes around three layers of use with drying in the middle. I found this dried like a second skin without drying or getting to be disturbing, and endured practically throughout the day with eating, drinking, and kissing, and blurring nimbly with little move. I cherish the pigmentation, as well! Will purchase in more hues..

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