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Organic India Coconut Oil is cold-pressed virgin edible coconut oil. This superfood from Organic India is of the highest quality and best taste. It is beneficial for the heart and promotes healthy functioning of the thyroid. Consuming virgin coconut oil also increases metabolism and helps initiate weight loss. The cold-pressed oil can also be used for cooking, and hair and skin care.

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Unrefined oil

Good for skin, hair and heart

Cold pressed

Helps in hair growth

Using coconut oil for hair and cooking been an tradition in India. As coconut contains good source of cholesterol which is good for heart and prevents from various kinds of health issues. When I was in search of good unrefined coconut oil with reasonable price. I found Organic India Coconut Oil in the list. It has been listed one of the best virgin coconut oil among top 10. I have heard about Organic India brand prior to this and found they are giving 100% natural food products. So I choose Organic India Coconut Oil as they are unrefined. When buying an oil always unrefined oil would be the best choice as when coconut oil is refined, the baking and bleaching reduces the number of polyphenols and medium-chain fatty acids available. When we get an virgin means unrefined coconut oil, it boasts a delicious, tropical coconut scent and flavor and also helps in functioning of the thyroid and endocrine systems and also in increasing body metabolism. People who are all in diet to lose their extra weight can add coconut oil to their food as it plays a vital role in weight reduction. Organic India Coconut Oil has been extracted through cold pressing which is good to be used for many purposes. I found Organic India Coconut Oil would be the right choice as it satisfied all my expectations and even the price was affordable. After started using the product, I never even had a second thought and I was pretty happy that I choose the best. I use this oil for hair and skin as well. Adding coconut oil to our food with help to glow up your skin. Only thing I had issue was the packaging was not good. So as soon I got the product I transferred it to a good plastic bottle where we can use on daily basis. Other than the Organic India Coconut Oil is really good and would recommend.

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