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2 years ago

Keeps clean


Has healing properties

Keeps the vaginal area dry and fresh

Prevents odors

Prevents rashes, chafing, and itching

Controls sweat


As I travel much I have a complaint of white discharge , due to that I have vaginal infection which leads to itching, rashes and wetness in my intimate area. Have tried many treatments, but due to my body temperature I frequently get this issue. During those white discharge days I prefer to stay at home. But once my friend suggested me to use an intimacy powder in order to keep the area dry and clean. She even suggested me to use Clean & Dry Daily Intimate Powder as she been using it for a while. I got one for myself. Thr powder comes 100g bottle that is easy to carry and very convenient to use. I found that the powder is safe to use on the intimate area as it's been approved by FDA as an feminine hygiene powder. The powder been specially formulated with Clotrimazole that fights against Vaginitis and fungal infections. The powder helps in reducing the itchiness, burning sensation and keeps the area wet that gives an odor free day. The powder helps in keeping the area healthy without any infections and prevents the skin from getting irritated. The powder contains healing properties that works effectively on the rashes as well and controls sweat. The powder protects and cleans the intimate area also by maintaining the necessary ph balance. The powder is safe to use as its been dermatologist's tested and is best suitable for all types of skin. I have been using this powder for a while and doesn't find any complaint and it works perfectly on my intimate area. The powder also heals the sanitary pad rashes and chafing on thighs. About the process I found that the product is affordable and gives best results. I would say it is one good product to be recommended .

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