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1 year ago

Precise application


Does not irritate eyes




Long staying power

Easy to apply and remove

Ophthalmologist tested

And I have a tiny lashes, I would use false lashes in order to make my lashes look voluminous and thick. But recently my lashes got irritated due to false eye lashes and I was in a stage to stop using it. On an occasion one of my cousin suggested me to try Mascaras that would make my lashes look better. On her words I started looking for Mascaras that would give an dramatic lashes look. On my search o found this MAC Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara. I always trust products from MAC as they been one of the good manufacturers in skin care products and cosmetics. The Mascaras comes in a sleek tube with a long curl brushes attached. The brush helps in giving a fine application to the lashes from the depth. It provides a dramatic look by covering up entire eye lashes from root to tip. The product comes with a dual wiper system that can be used to create either naturally defined or dramatically voluminous lashes. The colour of the Mascaras been intensely pigmented that gives bold colors pay off to the eyes. It is best suitable for all occasions. The best thing is that the Mascara is water, smudge and flake proof product that stays for all time without messing around. With its light weight formula the Mascara doesn't feel on the eyes. The product is safe to use as it's been ophthalmologist tested where it doesn't irritate eyes. It is also safe for the contact lens users. Using the brush it is very easy to apply which gives a perfect curly voluminous lashes in minute . The draw back on the product is that it is very expensive and takes time to dry. Overall it is one good product to be recommended.

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