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1 year ago

Cleanses effectively


Cleans makeup

Dries fast; no bacteria

Soft on skin

Easy to hand-wash


For removing my make up and for cleansing my skin to keep fresh I have been using wet wipes , but as days passed the chemicals present in the wet wipes started irritating my skin and gave a burning sensation, so I stopped using it and was looking a way for solution as my regular face towels doesn't stayed long and doesn't worked well. When I noticed that my neighbour is using an face towels to remove her make up and for cleansing I was eager to know about the product as her towel gave best results and was soft. She stated that she was using The Body Shop Luxury Facial Flannel and asked me to give a try. The flannel is the other name for the fabric and it is the not the type of the fabric. The Facial cloth comes in a neat packaging and the quality of the fabric is really good. This is a clear towel which would be hard when it is been used dry, but became a extra soft when it's been used wet. The towel been used for removing the make up, pack , cleanser and for facial wash. The towel been packed with silky soft feel and would be so gentle on the skin. The product been made with 100% PVA fabric which is safe on skin. The towel in a luxury softer way to cleanse the skin effectively. The towel doesn't leave out any patches but cleans up every impurities finely. It is also very safe to use around the eyes and works well even on very sensitive skin. The towel is very easy to clean with a little amount of soapy water and dries up quickly and hardens fast that prevents the growth of bacteria. It is one recommendable product.

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