Cinthol Women’s Deo Stick Aura Reviews

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2 years ago

Good product


Easy to apply

Less alcohol content


Cooling sensation

Quickly absorbed

Ideal for summer

I am an over sweating person, so I always have issues under arm sweat smell. On summer season I would have a bad odour due to over sweating. To avoid the odour I was using an deodorant. But my deodorant doesn't stay for longer and have created irritation on my under arm skin. My friend suggested me to give a try to cinthol product and stated that the deo gave her long lasting effect. The product from Cinthol is trust worthy as they are one good company in making skin care products. I opted Cinthol Women’S Deo Stick Aura. The best thing is that the this deodorant comes in 3 variant as spray, stick, and roll on variants. I choose the stick type as it is comfortable to use.and convenient to carry. The cream applicator is quite soft on the skin and provides 3X longer protection than regular deodorants. About the deodorant it provides sweat protection and underarm care without drying out the skin. The deodorant is completely safe to use as its been a chemical free product that contains active minerals which doesn't cause any irritation to the skin. Due to its unique formula, the deodorant moistures the skin that makes the underarms skin soft and smooth. The deodorant hydrates the under arm with its creamy texture where it works without staining the clothes. The deodorant also helps in healing and recovering the skin irritations caused due to shaving. The deodorant keeps the under arm sweat free and protects the skin from bad odour for about 48 hours. It gives a cooling sensation to under arm area and keeps it protected from bacteria formation. I would say that the deodorant is affordable and gives a long lasting protection. The one good product to be recommended.

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