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2 years ago

Perfect product




Smudge proof

No irritation

Long staying power

Not harsh on skin


Easy to apply and remove


Quick drying formula

Keeping Sindoor on forehead been an traditional way for us. I like having my Sindoor. But as I use powder based Sindoor it often fell off and doesn't stay for long. So I was looking for a Sindoor that comes in a liquid consistency. Also the liquid Sindoor stays for long without falling out. After a decision I was looking for perfect liquid Sindoor on my search I found this Blue Heaven Artisto Liquid Sindoor on market and I got good reviews for the product. So I got one for myself. The Liquid Sindoor comes in 8 ml round shaped tube along with a stick to apply the Sindoor. The liquid of the Sindoor is red in colour which is not completely red, it has a mix of light orange shade. The Sindoor gives the perfect finishing touch to the look and offers radiant bright color that enhances overall look. The Sindoor been made with herbal ingredients that gives a velvet matte finish look without bleeding. The best part is that the Sindoor dries out quickly due to its quick drying formula and stays for a longer time without smudging. The application of the Sindoor made easy using the stick applicator. The Sindoor been well pigmented that gives a bold radiant colour which been an great replacement for Kumkum. A single swipe is enough for the look. The best part is that the Sindoor is waterproof, smudge proof and sweat proof, so it doesn't fades odd easily that makes the Sindoor to last long. It is very safe to use as it doesn't create any irritation or harshness on the skin. It is an fragrance free product and been very easy to remove. The only drawback is that the Sindoor contains Paraben. Overall it is one good product to be recommended.

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