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Emami Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo beats heat and humidity through its cooling effect. This Cool Talc prevents sweat and body odor and keeps you fresh all day long. It provides cooling relief from heat, rashes, and burning sensation instantly. The Thanda Thanda Cool Talc is enriched with goodness of cool herbal aroma therapy. This revolutionary formula relaxes your mind and refreshes your body. While mint soothes the skin and removes blemishes, camphor provides relief from pain and itching. For best results, sprinkle Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo all over your body after a shower.

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Prevents stress

Revitalizes senses

Refreshing, cool fragrance

Long-lasting freshness

No need of deodorant

My husband is usually an over sweat person. During summer he sweats badly that gives him burning sensation all through the body and also he gets sick of his bad odour. Due to this he gets bacterial infections that leads to acnes and pimples in his body. We were looking for a solution I order to keep him fresh. After a long search, we came to know that talcam powder would helps wisely from this problem. After a confusion we choose Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo. The talc is from the make of Himani, which been in the market for more than 15 years and gives good results. The powder comes in two variants. We choose 100 g pack which comes in a compact packaging that is very easy to carry anywhere. The powder provides a bracing break from natural talcs. It counters humidity and heat through its cooling land, gives undesired body odour and beats against sweat and keeps is fresh and cool every day long. The powder comes with a aroma therapy formulation that helps in relaxing the body and mind from the unbearable heat. It gives protection against the heat and sun rays and gives a refreshing feel all through the day. The powder works effectively on burning sensation and body odor. With its herbal mint as a main ingredient , it acts as anti oxidant that prevents body from bacterial infection and keeps us cool. With its revolutionary formula the powder soothes the skin and removes blemishes, where camphor provides relief from pain and itching. It is very easy to use, just sprinkle Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo all over the body after a shower. It is one good product to be recommended.

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