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2 years ago

Works on alcohol disorders


Increases ADH and ALDH level of the blood

One of my friend usually spends his lots of time in party and pubs. As he been an regular alcoholic addict, his morning would be painfull with nausea and headache. Though he uses an paracetomol it doesn’t works for good results. Then on his friend who is an doctor suggested him to try this Himalaya Party Smart Capsules after the party. After using this capsule after two or three parties , he could find difference as it effectively removes the head ache and calms down his mind from anxiety and stress. The capsule been made from natural contents like combination of Chicory (Kasani), Dates (Kharjura), and Andrographis paniculate doesn’t affect much. The capsule works by eliminates acetaldehyde production which produce by the body when alcohol is consumed by increasing ADH and ALDH level of the blood. Thus the body and mind gets back to its normal stage by eliminating the side effects caused to consuming alcohol like fatigue, headache, nausea, vomiting, body ache, burning sensation in the stomach, and drowsiness. But the product would need an strict doctors advice before consuming the pill.

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