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Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream keeps your face hydrated all through the day. Enriched with nourishing ingredients, extracts of olive oil and glacial glycoprotein the ultra cream ensures the skin's moisture balance. Ideal for dry skin, this lightweight cream gives 24 hours hydration. The cream works best during dry conditions when the weather is harsh. It nourishes the skin deeply, moisturizes intensely, giving a well-hydrated skin that looks radiant, healthy and supple.

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Retains skin moisture Adds Nourishment Non greasy

Recently I found this Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream and got one. The cream has been specially formulated for extra dry skin. I have very dry skin and usually get complaints of skin dryness and skin break outs. The cream comes in a tub packaging which is quite travel friendly and is quite comfortable to use. About the price, the product is budget friendly. The cream helps in hydrating the skin and locks up the skin moisture which gives long lasting results. The product doesn’t need a reapplication up to 10 hours. The cream has been enriched with the goodness of Olive oil and Glacial Glycoprotein which is rich in nourishing content. The cream improves the skin nourishment which makes them soft and supple. The cream is lightweight that gets absorbed quickly into the skin. The cream is non greasy or non sticky. It is very gentle on skin that retains the natural moisture of the skin. It also adds a radiant look to the skin which improves the skin complexion and eliminates the traces of tan. The draw back on the cream is that it contains Parabens.

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