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1 year ago

Maintains constant temperature


Maintains constant temperature Detangles

I have a curly and rough hair. It would be difficult to manage my hair tangles and doesn’t fit into any styles. I been using a hair straightener but must say it was quite difficult to use and would always wanted a help to make up the hair do. Recently I found this Corioliss Travel Hot Brush on the market and was quite eager to try the same. The product is quite travel friendly which helps in keeping the hair tangle free anywhere anytime. The product is quite affordable and is very easy to use. It is as easy, just like combining the hair. This hot brush helps in straightening the hair by detangling them. It sets the hair in shape for further hair do. It comes with a heat protective bristles that prevents the hair from damages. It is gentle on the hair which gives a massaging effect. The best thing is that the brush adds shine to the hair instantly without drying out the hair. It has a quick heating time, which maintains a constant temperature along with an LED indicator.

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