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WOW Skin Science Anti-Dandruff Hair Mask has an advanced formula that contains rosebay extracts, tea tree essential oil, and hydrolyzed wheat protein. It works effectively in boosting scalp health. It reduces oiliness on the scalp. This mask efficiently regulates dandruff-causing fungus. The gluten-free wheat protein in it helps repair damaged hair. Moroccon Argan oil adds shine and lustre to the hair.

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Free from parabens, sulfates, and mineral oil

Has a soothing effect on the scalp

One of my friend have very oily scalp that lead her to dandruff complaints. She been looking for a solution to fix them up. So I suggested her to try this WOW ANTI DANDRUFF HAIR MASK. This is one effective hair Mask that helps in controlling the oil secretion and prevents the scalp and hair from dandruff complaints. It also helps in making the hair smooth and soft. The mask helps in repairing the hair damages and promotes hair growth. As the product is free from harmful chemicals, it is best suitable for all types of hair and doesn't cause any side effects. With its soothing properties it soothes the scalp and reduces the irritation and itchiness completely. The product works from hair root to hair strand and makes each strand healthy. It doesn't dry out the hair and locks up the moisture that prevents the hair from further damages.

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