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2 years ago

If it could have a longer stay



Beautiful Shades

Mild Fragrance

I bought NYX Butter Gloss when I was looking for lipgloss for my teenage girl. As she is growing she goes to attend parties or get together with her friends often. I don't want her to use heavy cosmetics at this young age. Hence, I was looking for alternatives which are not harsh or cause side-effects. We zeroed in on NYX Butter Gloss as the product caught our eye with so many pretty shades. It comes in lovely packaging too. There are many fresh, bright shades suitable for young girls which is a delight to the eyes. The fragrance of this product is also a plus point. Although we were excited when we bought this product we were not so happy with its quality. NYX Butter Gloss is smooth, creamy liquid gloss which comes with an applicator. When you put it on the lips it gives you a shiny gloss effect with a smooth finish. But the problem is that it doesn't stay for very long. The moment you have eaten something, either the gloss smudges(if it is a darker shade) or gets wiped out. My girl mostly has outings with friends. They tend to eat whenever they all meet. She complained about the gloss either getting smudged or wearing out after having few bites. This causes a sense of discomfort and makes her very conscious. The product can do well if it had a longer stay time. She has started using the lighter shades of this product now. I prefer putting it over my lipstick. This gives my lips shine when I am attending parties or events. I would recommend buying lighter shades of NYX Butter Gloss. It is best suited for the winter season as it keeps the lips from getting dry and does add colour to them.

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