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2 years ago

Freshens me instantly


Enriched with cooling herbs

Controls sweat and body odor

Refreshing deo fragrance


Cooling sensation

The weather in my area is humid and hot during the summers. It becomes difficult for me to pass my day as I sweat too much. Trust me, Deodorants are not much of help if you are sweating profusely under the heat when you are out. It was my mother who suggested me to try Navratna I-Cool Talc. Heeding to her advice, I purchased the talc. As a herbal product of Emami, I was sure of having no side effects. It has ingredients like mint and camphor along with other herbs which help in providing a cooling sensation on your body. Specially made for fighting the body problems in the summer season, this product was a huge relief to me. Not only did it help me feel refresh all day long, it also provides an active fragrance keeping the body odour at bay. It is an easy and affordable solution for Indian summers.

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