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2 years ago

Multipurpose Oil


Enriched with jojoba


Quickly absorbed

Removes makeup and impurities

Ideal for all skin types

I had purchased Aroma Magic Jojoba Oil during one of the marriages in my family. When I came to know that it has many uses like- conditioning the skin, unclogging the pores as well as removing makeup, I had to buy it. The multipurpose oil is not oil in true sense. It is very similar to the natural oil which is found in the human skin thereby having no side effects. After the purchase, I was having doubts about whether the oil will suit my skin or make it more oily. I was overthinking as this oil is very lightweight and non-greasy. While using it on my skin, I found that it got absorbed readily. In the process of removing makeup also, it did not make my face feel oily. I was satisfied with the cleansing process of this oil. After coming from the day's work, I use Aroma Magic Jojoba Oil to remove the dirt and grime from my skin.

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