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2 years ago

Great product for daily use


Blends smoothly

Nyx pore filler was something that was suggested to me by my sister. She has lots of knowledge on stuff like this. I have very big pores and even with all the makeup it is hard to cover them. I used different kind of products on my face sometimes that caused rashes on my skin and now I am little scared to use anything new. But my sister strongly recommended me to try. Though I was very reluctant to try,I anyway gave a try. Now, I am very happy that I listened to my sister. It has this thick texture but when applied my skin felt really smooth. I can definitely feel the difference since my pores are comparatively small before NYX PORE FILLER. I felt it lasts little longer than the products I used before. I almost daily use it. I will happily recommend it to my friends as well.

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