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Clinique Smart Custom Repair Serum helps improve visible signs of aging. Using this serum twice every day will repair the skin, improve its tone and texture, and reduce fine lines. This serum is made with skin-repairing ingredients like peptides, natural collagen-boosting ingredients, patented enzymes, and brightening botanicals.

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Suitable for all skin types



Repairs fine lines

Improves skin texture

I had come upon this serum 2-3 times but refrained from buying because of its price. On my friend's insistence, I finally decided to give it a try. I used it as it was instructed. I used it for over a week and I am really seeing some visible signs on my face. I could see that some of my acne scars are fading. This serum comes in a pump tube. So it is hygienic and easy to dispense a little amount that is required. The consistency is just right- neither too thin nor too thick. It is smooth and waxy and spreads nicely on the face. It just disappears the moment you spread leaving me thinking whether it was enough or do I need to reapply. It is non-greasy and also does not leave any mark or layer on the skin. I saw that even a little amount is enough. After some time, the skin does feel hydrated and moisturized. With a week of using this serum, I can see some changes in my skin texture. I can see that there is some evenness in my complexion and some of my old acne scars are also fading. It has given my face a smooth and soft feel. Not much but I feel it has smoothened up fine lines near my eyes. Definitely, there is a radiance on my face. Though expensive this serum does work pretty well I must say. I also used it once as a primer and did like it. It was lightweight and I felt kind of protected from makeup damage. Overall, a good product does its work well, comes in a nice packing, travel-friendly, improves your skin texture, removes fine lines. The only disturbing part is the high price for a 30 ml tube.

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