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2 years ago

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Purifies skin

Mild fragrance


I love all kinds of ayurvedic products and immediately ready to try any new product on the market. Lever Ayush is one of the ayurvedic products brands I was willing to check out this turmeric soap. They claim to have prepared this soap in a traditional manner and it has natural ingredients like turmeric and Nalapamaradi Tailam, both of which are very good for skin protection and to treat lot of skin ailments. The first thing I liked is its sweet fragrance which I love about all ayurvedic products. This soap does not lather as you expect with other soaps. It lathers enough to spread on your body. It does cleanse and has nice refreshing effect after the bath. The smell even lingers on for quite a while which is very soothing. However, I did not see any change in the skin texture or brightness. I also found that after regular use my skin seemed to dry out a bit after some time and I needed to apply moisturizer after my bath. Overall, this soap is a good cleanser and removes impurities properly. It will not be suitable for people with dry skin or use during winter season. I wanted something which would moisturize and hydrate my skin. I guess this soap cannot do it. It removes dirt and excess oil but I am not sure if it would be able to remove acne and pimples. It would be good for people with oily skin. One plus about this soap is it is free of chemicals which means it will not do any damage like infection, irritation or allergy to your skin compared to other soaps. It is affordable and easily available.

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