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2 years ago

It is a glow pack


Pleasant aroma

Contains the goodness of charcoal

Perfect consistency


Clean and glowing skin

I knew that charcoal has this property to absorb dirt and impurities like a magnet. When I saw this charcoal face pack in Fabindia store I wanted to give it a try. I have oily skin and recently had tanned myself very badly on a trip. This face pack claims to have deep cleansing properties that purify the skin and improves the skin tone. This product was a rescue as I could see a visible difference right after the very first use. It left my skin squeaky clean and clear. My skin felt refreshed and positively glowing. It gives a nice glow in an instant. This pack comes in a plastic jar. It is dark grey in color with a thick consistency. In spite of the thick consistency, it spreads really well. It has a slight raw earth smell with a lemongrass fragrance because of the lemongrass oil in this pack. The raw earth smell I guess is because of the multani mitti base. I felt a slight tingling sensation after application but only for a few minutes. It also dried out pretty quickly in 6-7 minutes. However, I still kept it on for a complete 10 minutes. I could so amazing change as soon as I washed off the pack. The pack needs to rub a little while washing. It does not come off easily. The face pack gave a clear glowy skin and also brightens up the skin tone. The activated charcoal indeed seems to absorb all the dirt and impurities. I feel this is really necessary as nowadays we are facing dust and pollution on a daily basis. Once in a week of this pack is necessary. The results are really good and I liked it. The only negative I found about this pack is that it contains parabens and the packaging is unhygienic.

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