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2 years ago

Good Lipstick


Eye-catching shade range


No staining

Easy to apply and remove

Opaque coverage

Hides lip pigmentation

LA Colors Matte Lipstick has an array of colors they provide under the matter range. There are so many colors to choose from for every skin tone reds, pinks, dark brown and purple. I purchased the "Classy" shade because I wanted some subtle matte lipstick for everyday use. The LA Matte Lipstick is of amazing quality and I liked it. The lipstick comes in a long black and pink tube with a clear cap. They are color-coded and hence are easy to find. The packaging is nice but the lipstick does not fit in properly in the cap and tends to get damaged while closing the cap. It is otherwise easy to carry and travel-friendly. The Classy Lip shade that I picked up compliments my skin tone so well. It is perfect for everyday wear and has a natural look. The shade is well pigmented and requires just 1 or two strokes to apply. The lipstick is smooth and soft in texture that glides smoothly on the lips and is easy to apply. It has a nice velvety matte finish that looks amazing. It is not waxy like other matte lip shades. In spite of the matte finish, the lips do not seem to dry out. In fact, it seems to moisturize the lips perfectly keeping it soft. The lipstick also stays put for a good 5-6 hours throughout the day and also survives a meal. It has a faint scent to it which feels good. It is pretty good for the price of the product. Overall, a very beautiful shade suitable for my skin tone, hydrating creamy texture, good staying power, and a nice matte finish. I would recommend this product and would also like to try their other shades.

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