Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Reviews

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1 year ago

Miracle Fluid


Brightens skin tone

Solution to acne

Removes all dullness

Removes aging signs

Even complexion

Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi is a ayurvedic fluid formulation made from saffron extracts and a blend of many other herbs and oils. This is a like a magic solution for all your skin problems. It is very expensive but with all the precious extracts in this solution and the effect it has on my skin I guess it is totally worth it. All you have to do is massage 3-4 drops of this solution on your face at night before going to sleep. It has such a miraculous change on your skin. It repairs all the signs of aging, removes wrinkle and fine lines. It helps removes the dark spots from my skin, improving my skin tone. It indeed makes your skin glow within a few days. You can see a considerable difference in your complexion for sure. It also is very cooling and soothing to the skin. I have been using it for few months now and my skin has become so much fair and smoother. Years of pimple marks have gone and the texture is so much better. Just love it.

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