Vcare 24 K Gold Soap Reviews

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Avg Ratings : 3.1


1 year ago

Just a normal soap


Cleanses skin

Skin texture improves

Moisturizes well

Does not dry out

VCare 24K Gold Soap actually contains fine colloidal gold particles. It is said that 24k gold helps to keep the skin young and glowing. It is some ancient secret. This soap also contains soy protein that provides moisturization and keeps your skin hydrated all day long. I was amazed when I saw this soap product for the first time. Having gold as an ingredient this soap is expensive. I wanted to see what difference does this have on our skin and went ahead and bought this soap. I must say it has a different feel. It gives the skin a smooth texture. It has a very nice fragrance. It does moisturize the skin well. I could see that my skin stayed hydrated throughout the day. There was no need to apply additional moisturizer. Other than that I did not see any special quality of this soap. There was no added glow or radiance that it claims. This is like a normal moisturizing soap that cleanses your skin well and moisturizes them. Overall, I do not think I would be buying this product again for such a price.

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