Casmara Algae Peel Off Mask Reviews

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1 year ago

Good Peel Off Mask


Cooling and soothing

Suitable for sensitive skin

Skin becomes soft and smooth


Looks fresh

Easy to use

This was the first time that I have come across an algae Peel-off Mask. I have used it twice until now and I like it. This mask comes in two sachets - one powder and another gel. You need to mix them together and then apply the mixture. The mixture is of a gel consistency and slightly runny. You will need to wait for the mask to dry. This mask is indeed very cooling and calming on the skin. It does not irritate or have any other sensations. It is perfect for sensitive skin. After peeling off the mask, my skin felt very soft and smooth. It adds instant radiance to the skin. Gives a natural glow. One major plus is my skin is feeling much hydrated nowadays. I could also see that my dark circles have reduced considerably and my face is also looking a lot fresh. It removes the blackheads and impurities and opens up the pores. I used it once a week and until now have used it twice. I really like this Peel-off Mask. It is great.

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