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1 year ago

Good Gel Liner


Intense color


Smudge proof

Water proof

Matte finish

I have always used liquid liners only. This is the first time I tried a gel eyeliner. I had read some negative reviews about this product but still wanted to try it out. I must say I actually loved it. First of all, this pack comes in a very affordable price. The gel eyeliner is very smooth in texture. The color is also great. The black one is intensely pigmented whereas the brown one is not that intense. It is totally smudge-proof. I have this habit of rubbing my eyes once in a while. And thanks to the smudge-proof property I am saved. Even while removing you need to remove the liner with a proper makeup remover. As it claims it is waterproof too. So totally safe to wear for beaches and parties. As it is gel liner I was wondering if it will look shiny and glossy but no it gives you a nice matte finish. I am totally satisfied with this product. The only thing that can be improved is the quality of the brush. It needs to be more pointed and sharp for precise application.

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