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1 year ago



Nice package

Facial at home

Easy to use

Raaga Professional anti-aging Facial Kit is prepared with rosemary oil, calendula, evening primrose and sunflower. These natural ingredients all work together to refresh the skin and stop the early signs of aging. The facial kit is very easy to use and perfect to be used at home. You simply have to follow all the instructions and it is as simple. It does tighten the skin and gives a natural glow. I could see the difference immediately after the facial. Also, the whole experience is rejuvenating. It feels good to do it once in a while. It is totally worth the cost and you can get the salon-like skincare right at home. However, I felt the scrub that was provided with the pack was little more course than regular ones. I found it very scratchy. Also, the quantity of each packet was a little less. I was not able to use it liberally.

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